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USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association

USPSA - Area 6 (Southeast US

USPSA - Alabama Section

Brian Enos Shooting Forum

The Way of the Gun - Multi-disciplined Weapons Training

NRA - National Rifle Association

IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association

Shootability - Huntsville Area Shooters Forum

Cavern Cove Rimfire - Web site

Cavern Cove SASS Regulator Cowboys - Web site


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TrueSpec - Shooting and Clothing Appearal
The Shooters Source - Shooting Stuff
Hear-Pro - Hearing Protection
Fluxx Audio - Hearing Protection
CenterMass Marketing - Marketing
JP Rifles - Rifles and Rifle Parts
Arntzen Targets - Steel Targets
Chris Patty's Winning Shooting Accessories - Shooting Stuff

Brass New

Brass Used/Once Fired
Brassman Brass

Precision (Moly Coated)
Chey Cast (Lead)
Montana Gold (Jacketed)

Home Security
Homeland Security Gun Safes US Made theft/fire/water-proof gun safes.