Welcome to the New Shooter's Information Page

This page was designed with people new to the sport of shooting USPSA and Speed Steel matches in mind. These are the two styles of shooting that the Rocket City Practical Shooters shoot on a regular basis. Below are some documents to download and also some videos I discovered on the interent that will help you decide which sytle of shooting you would like to shoot with us.
No reason you can't shoot both...just be safe and have fun.

Introduction Videos:

This videos are linked to YouTube and will open a new tab on your browser.

Beginners Video Guide to USPSA by Ruger Firearms

Beginners Video Guide to Steel Challenge by Ruger Firearms

Speed Steel: 5 plates, 1 stop plate by RCPS

Introduction Guides, Rules and Downloads:

Download the New Shooters Guide. This guide is to help the first time shooter get an understanding of and acquainted with the procedures of Practical Shooting. Just right click on the link above and click on "Save Link as..." to save to your system. Or left click on the link above to open in another tab/window.

You can also download rules for:

Speed Steel Match Rules.

Multi-gun 3-gun Nation Match Rules.

Cavern Cove Range Rules.

For more information contact us:

USPSA Match Director...Mark...256-503-2475